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In-Ovation® System Braces

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Your choice for a beautiful smile.

We happily offer our patients In-Ovation® System Braces by GAC and Empower Braces by American Orthodontics.
In-Ovation and Empower braces are both types of self-ligation braces. SLB braces eliminate the need for wire ties or elastic ties to hold the archwire in place. There are many different styles and brands of braces. All modern braces are very effective at moving teeth. While certain orthodontic supply companies and orthodontists may imply so in their marketing efforts, there are no "magic braces" that provide better or faster treatment than others braces. Recent studies in peer-reviewed orthodontic journals show no difference in the speed or quality of treatment of various bracket systems. Self-ligation braces can mean shorter appointment times. In the end, an orthodontist chooses the braces that he or she uses based on personal preference. Choosing an orthodontist based on the bracket system they use would be like choosing a surgeon based on the type of instruments they use during surgery.


Attractive Advantages For You…

In-Ovation comes in two styles that look great and are comfortable to wear. Ask Dr. Chaffee which In-Ovation bracket is best for you!

  • In-Ovation R is smaller and has a lower profile than other self-ligating brackets. With no elastic or metal ties, you will have less irritation, less plaque build-up and less difficulty keeping your teeth clean.
  • In-Ovation C a translucent ceramic bracket that offers fast and comfortable treatment with the added benefit of high esthetics.

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